Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tree Canopy Work Continues at District Schools

In the upcoming months, eight schools across the District will work with Casey Trees to improve their tree canopies. And for good reason - while the city's average canopy coverage is 35 percent, D.C. campuses lag behind with an average canopy coverage of just 20 percent.

Parking lots, playgrounds and open fields are all important features for schools, but strategically-planted trees can be an asset to schools and their students.

Chris Horton, project organizer for the British School of Washington community tree planting, agrees. "Trees will provide shade and interest in places to play," said Horton, who applied for a CTP at the request of one of his students. Horton also looks forward to "the sense of ownership and care" his students will have for the young trees. 

New trees are a great source of education for young students, both during the planting process and after. At CTP events, students learn how to plant trees and work together to reach a goal. Classes can then utilize the young trees to teach science lessons in an engaging, outdoor setting. Students will have a tangible example of why caring for and appreciating the environment is important. 

"Children exposed to trees learn to admire them, their environment, and nature," said Sue Erhardt, our Director of Education.

Interested in giving your school's tree canopy a boost? The deadline for the spring 2012 CTP season is Nov. 30. Downloadable applications can be sent in via fax, mail or email.

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