Friday, September 23, 2011

Announcing the Autumn Almanac

Fall is officially here and Casey Trees is celebrating with the release of our Autumn Almanac. Our seasonal tree care guides help D.C. residents prepare private and city trees for the upcoming cool months.

Autumn is upon us. The good news is cooler weather is a great time for planting trees. If you already have trees, it is time to prepare them for the rapidly approaching winter months.
  • Remove slow-release watering bags. Tree trunks and the tree flare need to be exposed to air. Bags that have been on trees for two or more years can be returned to Casey Trees for reuse. Your tree should be able to access its own water source now.
  • Check the mulch. Freshen mulch by adding two to three inches in a ring around the trunk. Pull the mulch ring three to six inches away from the trunk.
  • Water trees if it gets hot. We recommend you practice 25 to Stay Alive — 25 gallons of water per tree per week in times of little or no rainfall. Do not water after the ground freezes.
  • Enjoy the fall color!

Fall is the perfect time to plant trees if you are a homeowner in the District. When you take advantage of our Tree Rebate program you can save up to $100 on qualifying large shade trees and up to $50 on most other species. Find out how you can participate.

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