Monday, September 19, 2011

Help Bring Trees to D.C.'s Schools

At Casey Trees, we understand that children are products of their environments, and that’s why re-treeing our city’s schools continues to be a paramount goal of our organization. Whether it’s a saucer magnolia at H.D. Cooke Elementary, or an American holly at Collegiate Academy, this fall will bring new trees – and new experiences – to various school campuses across our nation’s capital.

Starting October 1st, Casey Trees will work with students and their teachers at nine different D.C. schools to not only plant and maintain new trees, but also to educate and engage students in the work they are doing. Our tree planting events show students that hard works begets positive results, bringing them together in a hands-on, positive environment. But we can’t do this without the support of our community.

Tree planting at The Lowell School sponsored by PEPCO Holdings, Inc.

By donating and sponsoring a tree planting today, you can ensure that students and schools around D.C. will get the trees they need to create a safe and natural environment for all to enjoy. Since 2002, donors like you have helped to beautify schools such as Browne Junior High and the Lowell School. Our sponsors’ generosity has helped to make these campuses more welcoming and peaceful places for students to spend their time. We believe a beautiful environment creates a sense of well-being in which students can focus on their studies, rather than the often hectic world outside their schools.

Help add a tree to a school this fall by making a tax-deductible donation securely online now. The cost to purchase and plant a tree is $250 per tree but donations of any amount are welcome. To sponsor a school Community Tree Planting, contact Mark DeSantis at or 202.349.3470.

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