Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Crew Update #8: A Challenging Learning Experience

Contributing writer - Ann Elise Trafford, Summer Crew Team Member

Taking a break from cycling around the city.
Before summer started, I expected my time on Casey Trees' Summer Crew to be routine. However, this summer has turned out to be much more for me.

After reading our orientation packet I was expecting the work environment to be strict. Yet, I found the high expectations to be extremely helpful because it emphasized the importance of job responsibility - one of the three goals of the program - to us. For example, arriving to work on time was expected so we were very diligent about showing up before 8:05 a.m. I think we all ran down 12th Street in our bright yellow shirts at least once to make it on time!

I also did not expect hard work to be so fun. Even during the hottest days, my spirits were always high because we talked, joked and encouraged each other throughout our shift. Surprises like ice pops and cold Gatorade helped too! This experience has taught me how to effectively balance work and leisure time so I can accomplish what needs to get done and be able to enjoy the task.

Summer crew members exploring the city.
One thing I am extremely grateful for is being introduced to my fellow crew members. Over the past eight weeks we have really bonded. Even during mundane activities there was never a dull moment in their company. I think this summer has meant different things to each of us but I am confident everyone would say that this has been a great experience for them.

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