Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tree Rebate Increased for Large Canopy Trees

Casey Trees' popular Tree Rebate program just got better.

Starting today, rebates of up $100 are now available for select large canopy trees. Seven genus and 27 species – mostly native hickories and oaks - qualify for the increased rebate. Rebates of up to $50 per tree will continue to be available for small and medium canopy trees.

Funded by the District Department of the Environment (DDOE), Casey Trees' Tree Rebate program provides rebates to individuals who purchase and plant a tree in D.C. Rebate requests must be accompanied by a completed coupon pledging to water and care for the tree for a minimum of two years and a purchase receipt for each tree.

Additional program revisions allow for the rebate to be submitted for trees planted on nonresidential property in D.C. and the elimination of the three trees per property maximum. Trees must continue to be planted on private property and not on public property such as in street tree boxes, triangle parks or traffic circles.

Rebate forms are accepted year-round but we encourage you to plant trees in the fall (October-December) and spring (March-May). Trees planted during the summer may not be able to survive the intense heat stress experienced in D.C.

Invasives including the Bradford pear, Norway maple, Tree of Heaven, Mimosa, Sawtooth oak and Siberian elm and the Ash tree should not be planted and do not qualify for the rebate. Dwarf trees and shrubs are also ineligible.

Downloadable rebate forms, instructions and a complete list of trees eligible for the increased rebate are available on our website. Also be sure to plant smart this fall. Consult our Right Tree, Right Space guide before purchasing and planting any tree.

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