Friday, August 19, 2011

Take a Stroll Through Tudor Place with Our Newest Downloadable Tree Walk

Looking for a tree-packed nature walk right here in the city? Check out this month's downloadable tree walk featuring Tudor Place in Georgetown. Tudor Place boasts an impressive collection of trees, from White and Chestnut oaks to its historic tulip tree - designated as D.C.'s "Millennium Landmark Tree." Just print out the map to use as a reference while you traverse the site at your own pace and time.

Our downloadable tree walk map for August. Click the image above to view the full map.

Maps feature:
  • An introduction to the site
  • Its trees' common and Latin names
  • Pin-point locations for trees of interest with accompanying descriptions
  • A walking rating, defining level of difficulty, surface type, ADA accessibility, distance and estimated walking time 
If you're looking to saunter through a new, unexplored area of the city, any one of our downloadable tree walks may be just your style. However, if you prefer a human tour guide, you still have the option of taking an in-person tree walk at one of various locations around the District. Check out our calender of events for upcoming tree walks, classes, community tree plantings and other events.

Views of Tudor Place's lush grounds.

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