Monday, July 18, 2011

Volunteers Help Our Trees Stay Hydrated at Alice Deal School

Thanks to a group of Stanford alumni for all their help watering trees at Alice Deal Middle School this past Saturday morning. An eclectic group group of ten representing recent graduates, older alumni and even some future students came out to Alice Deal, managing to water and weed 57 trees!

Casey Trees has held a number of Community Tree Planting events at Alice Deal, most recently this past May. With temperatures expected to hit triple digits later in the week, these young trees certainly got a much-needed watering.

Two volunteers fill a young tree's ooze tube.
If you would like to organize a group tree watering event, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Carol Herwig at And remember, young trees need 25 gallons of water per week to grow healthy and strong. Take the 25 to Stay Alive Pledge and receive a free rain gauge to help you monitor your trees' water intake.

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