Monday, August 23, 2010


Contributing Writer - Caroline Michniak, Education Intern

While en route back to the Great Lake State, I pondered my time spent interning at Casey Trees. I am proud of what I accomplished and happy I learned so much about trees.

While at Casey Trees I worked in the education department helping to spread the word about the many benefits of trees. I was struck by how genuinely motivated each staff member was to keeping DC the "City of Trees".

One of the most rewarding parts of my internship was working with Casey Trees' High School Summer Crew. I was able to help organize their orientation session and professional development activities. It was great to see their skill set grow each day. Like staff, each Summer Crew member was very welcoming and friendly. These motivated students are great examples of how we all can get involved in caring for our urban forest.

This summer has also peaked my interest in a career in environmental law or public policy. Being able pass and/or enforce laws safeguarding our environment sounds ideal.

Thank you to Casey Trees for a great summer and learning experience.

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Unknown said...

Sally, Eric, Michael and I are so very proud of you for putting yourself out into the world to do so much good. Keep up the good work!