Monday, August 9, 2010


Contributing Writer - Juan Palencia, Summer Crew Team Member

My name is Juan and I am a student at Northwestern High School in Prince George's County. I am so happy to be working for Casey Trees because I get to help the City stay green by caring for its trees.

My favorite place to water trees in the District is downtown because a lot of people see us in action and are reminded they should water their trees at home. To water trees, we use Ooze Tubes. We fill them with 25 gallons of water and the bags slowly release the water to be absorbed by each tree's root system. It's a really effective way to make sure trees gets the necessary amount of water to survive.

In addition to learning about trees and tree care, Casey Trees has taught me a number of professional development skills and introduced us to different "green" careers. Just last week, they partnered with
The Davey Tree Expert Company to teach us how to tree climb. I was surprised by how much strength it took for me to make it to just the first branch. While tree climbing was exhausting, I had a great time.

I would like to thank Casey Trees for giving me the opportunity to work with them and introducing me to my fellow teammates.

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