Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Contributing Writer - Ben Marshall, Summer Crew Team Member

I have been having an amazing summer at Casey Trees.

Each morning Summer Crew members assigned to truck teams break into two groups. We then travel all across D.C weeding and watering trees. Initially we watered trees not reachable by a hose by pouring water from buckets into Ooze Tubes using funnels. By the second week all the bending over was starting to make my back sore.

That same week I found myself staring at a traffic cone and thinking it was was just a bigger version of a funnel. When I realized this, I told my friend Will who encouraged me to see if it would get help get water into the Ooze Tubes faster and reduce how often we needed to bend over. It did!

Ever since then we have been using the traffic cones to help us water trees. It makes us more efficient and helps save our backs!

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