Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Tall, cool and commanding, that tree outside your door seems like the ideal spokesperson for your upcoming yard sale or to announce to the world just how much you love the holidays.

But, before you grab your construction paper and twine, or strings of lights, consider the potential harm of using trees as signposts and permanent beacons of holiday cheer.

Girdling - Twine, wire or hose, all of these thing can cut into the trunk of a tree. As noted in yesterday's post, a tree's vascular system is located directly under the bark. Like a constricting snake these seemingly innocuous cords can girdle the tree, preventing vital water and nutrients from getting to where they are needed.

Holiday Lights - Everyone enjoys a holiday light show but these little beacons of joy can girdle trees if left on after the holidays. Strings of lights should also never be added around the trunks of trees to create permanent light shows. Two eastern redbuds in front of Hostelling International show scaring on their trunks from just such an oversight.

As you can see, hanging from trees is not the way to go, but hanging with trees is a different story! Find a time to hang out with some trees by checking out our upcoming Programs and Classes.

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