Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Myth: The deeper you plant a tree, the stronger the roots will grow.

Truth: Planting a tree too deep is one of the most common mistakes. Some trees will show signs of stress immediately but most likely you won't see the real harm until a few years down the road. Too deep and the roots don't have access to sufficient oxygen to ensure proper growth. Roots in poor health = reduced growth rate, increased disease susceptibility and atypical leaf size.

When digging a hole for a new tree, make the hole about three times as wide as the diameter of the root ball. As for depth, a tree should never be planted more deeply than the top of its root ball.

Learn how to properly plant a tree now.


Myth: A thick mulch layer is good for trees.

Truth: Mulching a newly planted tree is a great way to conserve soil moisture, minimize root damage and suppress weed growth.

However, too much mulch can actually can harm a tree. Girdling, bark decay and branch dieback can all occur. Remember, apply using the 3-3-3 method and avoid volcano-mulching.

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