Thursday, June 3, 2010


Do you like deals?

Do you like trees?

I do.
I like them a lot.

Casey Trees has forged a new partnership with
Deals for Deeds that will allow us to plant more trees in the District. However, the number of trees that we plant is entirely dependent upon you. That's right....YOU!

For every 250 people who sign up for a
FREE Deals for Deeds member account by October 1, 2010, Deals For Deeds will sponsor the planting of one tree. Sponsored trees will be planted in the fall through Casey Trees’ Community Tree Planting program.

Launched in April, Deals For Deeds is the only deal-of-the-day website to facilitate community development and social giving. When purchasing a deal, members select a featured charity for Deals For Deeds to donate five percent of their total purchase to.

For new accounts to apply towards tree sponsorship, participants must sign up on Deals For Deeds’ Plant a Tree in DC web page and live within a 30-mile radius of Washington D.C.

Sign up today to start getting great deal offers and help us add new trees in the District this fall.

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