Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why Plant Trees?

There are countless reasons why planting trees benefits D.C. - too many to list in a single post. But we think it is important that you know why we love trees and why you should too! So we have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons to plant trees.  
  1. Plant some green, save some green. Shade trees save D.C. about $2.6 million in air conditioning costs every year. And individual homes that are shaded by trees can pay 10-30% less for cooling costs than houses with no trees!  
  2. Provide environmental benefits. You may think this one is a given. But did you know that every year, D.C.'s trees filter 540 tons of harmful pollutants from the air? They also help clean our rivers by limiting the amount of storm water run off that pollutes D.C.'s waterways. 
  3. Increase property values. Homes in urban areas across the country sell for 10-20% when the property includes trees. 
  4. Reduce crime. Research shows that neighborhoods with trees have less crime than neighborhoods without trees. Trees add an aesthetic value to neighborhoods that helps draw residents outside. More eyes on the street means less crime.
  5. Create habitat for wildlife. Trees provide food and shelter for birds and small animals.
Every tree makes a difference. You can help increase the benefits by adding to the District's canopy. Take advantage of our tree rebate program and plant a tree this fall! Find out more reasons to plant trees on our website.

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