Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Crew Update #2: Why I Joined Summer Crew

Contributing Writer - Mitchell Holmes, Summer Crew Team Member

Mitchell Holmes carries water at a tree care event at Michigan Park in Ward 5.
I applied to work on Casey Trees' Summer Crew for three reasons.

First, I expected the work would be physically stimulating and keep me outdoors. I wanted work that would challenge my body and keep me moving. Working on the Summer Crew has proven to be just that. With all the bucket carrying, running hoses and traveling across the city, it has pushed me to my limits as I had hoped.

Second, I wanted to learn more about the environment. One of our initial training sessions involved learning how to correctly identify trees and about the physical, financial and social benefits they provide. Trees play an important role in our environment - much more than most people realize. Trees provide cooling shade, mitigate stormwater, provide oxygen and much more.

Summer Crew members learning tree identification from Casey Trees staff member Meg Johnson.
Lastly, I wanted to explore the city through different eyes. It is easy to not see beyond D.C.'s buildings and construction. Working for Casey Trees, I have come to notice how many trees are in the District and how much they contribute to my overall enjoyment of the nation's capital.

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