Friday, February 26, 2010


According to storm rating scales, trees can be expected to shed twigs when winds reach around 40 mph. When winds reach around 55 mph, trees can be expected to break or uproot. Large, healthy trees should be expected to experience major breakage or uprooting until winds reach over 100 mph.

The National Weather Service is reporting that today’s winds will be from the northwest at 25 to 35 mph with gusts of 55 to 60 mph and locally higher gusts. This means that trees damage can be expected as follows:
  • Small twigs and limbs on structurally sound trees of all sizes;
  • Uprooting of shallow rooted trees and trees in restricted rooting areas in areas where gusts reach maximum levels; and,
  • Breakage of defective limbs and trunks on trees of all sizes in areas where gusts reach maximum levels.
To report damage to street trees, call the Mayor's Comment Line at 311 and request the Urban Forestry Administration (UFA) come out to prune or remove the tree. If a tree on private property is damaged, contact a certified arborist. You can find a certified arborist on the International Society of Arboriculture website.

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