Friday, July 24, 2009


Utility bills costing you too much?

Planting trees strategically in your yard can result in some serious home cooling and heating savings. What would you do with extra cash - take a vacation, go shopping, get a mani/pedi, buy me a nice gift?

The August issue of Better Homes and Gardens not only sings the praises of planting trees but highlights Casey Trees and Davey Trees' Tree Benefit Calculator which allows anyone to estimate the economic and ecological benefits of planting trees in their own yard.

With the help of the Tree Benefit Calculator you can know the value of your trees and finally have that perfect ice breaker to use at parties. I imagine it could go something like..."Hey there. My trees add $200 to my property value and help to conserve 31 kilowatts of energy. What is your name?"

The good news is if the ice breaker falls flat you will still know how much your trees are helping to pay the bills.

Check out the Tree Benefit Calculator and other useful online tools such as Casey Trees Map and the Carbon Offset Calculator at

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