Thursday, July 30, 2009


Contributing Writer - Jonathan Fuentes, Intern

Week 5 and the interns are still strong!

This week has been very educational and exiting. Our professional development day was held at the U.S Botanic Garden where we participated in two tours and an urban forestry discussion. It was a great opportunity to learn about a diverse collection of trees and plants all located in one place. We saw everything from beautiful but poisonous orchids to tall cocoa trees.

One thing that especially interested me during the tour was the science of grafting, where you can take a part of one tree and fuse it to another. It was like the producers of ER became arborists.

The following day seemed like a miracle - it rained, reducing the number of trees that needed to be watered. What we did not plan for was getting rained on.

All the interns have established a great working relationship and are working hard to develop strong leadership skills. Only three weeks left of the internship.

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