Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where, Oh Where Are You American Elms? Our Map Tells You.

Casey Trees has planted more than 2,000 American elms across D.C. through our American Elm Restoration program since 2003. You might wonder: where are all of these trees planted?

We have planted American elms in every ward, restoring historic elm corridors such as Massachusetts Avenue NW and Constitution Avenue NE, as well as street trees in neighborhoods like Brookland and Mount Pleasant.

To help you locate where new American elms are calling home, our savvy Technical Services and Research department mapped them for you. Check it out.

Click on individual points on the map to view Street View or find out the size of the tree (DBH - diameter at breast height). You can zoom and pan the map to explore our planting sites throughout D.C. If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, try a full-screen version of the same map.

This map was created using Google Fusion Tables from data collected at planting sites. Check out other maps on our website.

Want to learn more about American elms? Tune in for our online chat about them today at noon. If you miss the session, the chat will be archived on our website for you to check out at your leisure.

So we mentioned "over 2,000" elms planted and as you can see we planted American elms just about everywhere in DC. How does that break down by ward? Here are some additional statistics of American elms planted by ward:

Ward 1: 201
Ward 2: 158
Ward 3: 110
Ward 4: 374
Ward 5: 209
Ward 6: 509
Ward 7: 324
Ward 8: 149
Total: 2034 American elms planted since 2003 by Casey Trees.

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