Friday, December 30, 2011

Casey Trees gets a visit from a Summer Crew Member!

Claire Carter, 2011 Summer Crew member.

The holidays are a time for families to gather and celebrate being together. Casey Trees is like a big family, and we were happy to have a visit from Claire Carter, a member of the 2011 High School Summer Crew. As a member of the Summer Crew, Claire helped Casey Trees water, mulch, weed and track tree conditions throughout the District from June to August.

"I thought working outside would be fun during the summer so you're not cooped up," Claire said. She bonded closely with other team members and Casey Trees employees like Neil Irving, who worked with her on the Summer Crew's bike team. The team uses bikes to pull a trailer filled with watering gear around the District.

Claire started her first semester of college in Georgia this fall and wasn't able to come out for the plantings this season, so she asked if she could stop by during break. "I asked Neil about coming out," Claire said. Eventually their discussions lead to Claire joining the planting crew on December 19th to help plant some trees for RiverSmart Homes. "We planted four trees and then replanted two," she said, "I miss being in the thick of it and riding around."

While Claire was the only member of the Summer Crew to come out Monday, they still share a close bond. "We got very close," she said, "I have plans to meet up with people from summer crew."

If you're in high school and would like to join us on the Summer Crew, learn more and get ready to apply this spring.

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