Monday, January 31, 2011

American Elm Restoration Awareness Month Recap

American Elms on the National Mall.
Thanks for tuning in to our American Elm Restoration Awareness Month blog coverage! We hope you learned a lot about these fantastic trees. We had a successful month planting 100 'Valley Forge' American Elms -- today the last six trees went into the ground in the Capitol Hill area. We are really excited about planting 20 more American Elms, particularly because they are the 'Jefferson' cultivar elms that Carol Herwig wrote about last week. They will be planted in the median of Washington Avenue SW near Independence Avenue SW, directly south from the U.S. Botanic Gardens. The site is a newly created ARRA-funded planting location, where cobblestones and fill soil will be replaced with structural soils and 'Jefferson' American Elms.

If you would like to learn more about what Casey Trees is doing to promote American Elms in DC, visit the American Elm Restoration page on our website. We hope you'll join us to plant elms and other trees this spring at one of our Community Tree Plantings. We will be announcing the schedule very soon, but in the mean time you can prepare for the planting season and sign up for a Tree Planting class or take a look at our other free course offerings for February and March.

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