Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So, it has begun. We are one week into our eight-week Summer Crew program dedicated to the watering and care of the District's trees.

We began our week with a general orientation, introduction to Casey Trees and a discussion on why restoring the District's tree canopy is so important. We also had the opportunity to meet all of the staff at Casey Trees.

Since we are in our sixth straight month of below average precipitation, our job of watering and mulching trees is especially important. By the end of our time at Casey Trees we will have completed 2500 waterings. We started off strong this week, watering hundreds of trees a day.

As one-fourth of the Water By-Cycle team, I have had many new experiences. I have ridden my bike from the yard in Brookland to the southernmost tip of DC and back. I have had three different fire hydrants spray me in the face, two of which that blew their caps off in the process.
I have been taught that weeding trees is not just about aesthetics (weeds can soak up quick summer showers, depriving young saplings of much needed water). This job has given me a completely different perspective on urban forestry.

What I have realized is that our job is not just about keeping mulch away from the base of trees or making sure it is weed-free. Our job is about helping to make the District a better place to live, work and play and we intend to do that.

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