Thursday, October 6, 2011

Community Tree Planting Recap - First Fall Planting at Catholic University

Last weekend may have been rainy, but that did not stop Citizen Foresters — new and old — from showing up at the first Community Tree Planting (CTP) event of the fall 2011 season at The Catholic University of America! The planting was part of the Citizen Forester-qualifying Tree Planting class in which participants learned the basics of how to plant trees and the best places to plant them while taking our environment into consideration. They also learned tree anatomy and what trees are best suited for our climate. After a small break for lunch, everyone headed outside to plant the first 30 trees of the season.

The day was wet and dreary, but that didn't dampen the spirits of Casey Trees staff, Citizen Foresters and volunteers as we dug new homes for our woody friends. While everyone finished the day muddy and tired from planting, they can take pride in the work they did to improve CUA's campus by adding beautiful trees that will provide many benefits for future students.

With the help of volunteers, Casey Trees has planted 125 trees on five occasions at CUA. We were pleased by the impressive turnout — the largest Tree Planting class attendance in years! — and hope to see more of you at the rest of our plantings this season. Don't forget to check our website for the CTP and class schedule!

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