Monday, December 6, 2010

Community Tree Planting Recap - Crestwood

At the penultimate Casey Trees Community Tree Planting event of the year, neighbors and volunteers came together to make a major residential tree planting effort this past weekend in Crestwood. It was a nice day for planting trees, although it certainly was cold! We planted 35 trees representing a wide variety of species: red maple, willow oak, river birch, sweetgum, black tupelo, northern red oak, American Holly, American Elm, American Beech, serviceberry, white fringe and redbud.

Removing a newly placed tree from its burlap wrapping.
We had a turnout of 61 volunteers (18 of them were Citizen Foresters), including groups from American University, George Washington University, Society for Green Business, For Love of Children and DC Cares. We would also like to specifically thank the Crestwood Citizens Association, project co-organizers Doug Barker and Frank Samuel, our staff liason Maisie Hughes and lead Citizen Forester Jeff Furr for making this event possible.

Volunteers enjoy a well-deserved lunch after a chilly tree planting.

Crestwood was also recently the site of two Casey Trees Trees Count neighborhood tree inventories, in 2009 and 2010, as a part of an ongoing partnership between Casey Trees and the Crestwood Citizens Association.

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