Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Community Tree Planting Recap - Tilden Gardens and Ellington Field

It's the middle of prime planting time in the fall, so we're making the best of the great weather! This past Saturday, with the help of our volunteers and community groups, Casey Trees organized two Community Tree Planting events, one at Tilden Gardens, and one at Ellington Field.

The Tilden Gardens CTP had an incredible turnout with 55 volunteers (including 10 Citizen Foresters). Sixteen trees were planted, with eight varieties represented: serviceberry, river birch, redbud, holly, red cedar, sweetbay magnolia, Yoshino cherry and swamp white oak. This is a great five-acre property and local residents really showed up in force to help out.

The CTP sponsored by the Burleith Citizens Association at Ellington field had the largest volunteer turnout of this season with 130 volunteers (including 11 Citizen Foresters). Groups from B&D Consulting, Ellington High School, Maret School, Georgetown University Alternate Spring Break, Georgetown men's and women's track teams, Burleith Citizens Association and Youth Villages all showed up to lend a shovel. There was definitely a lot of Georgetown blue and gray at this planting! Volunteers helped to plant 20 trees: holly, hornbeam, southern magnolia, red maple, sweetgum, London planetree, redbud, Chinese fringetree and tulip poplar.

As you can see from the turnout from this past weekend, volunteers and local community support really make these plantings possible. Thanks to all who came out to plant trees with us.


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