Monday, March 8, 2010


Contributing Writer - Matt Freeman, Intern

If you have been reading our our blog for a while you have noticed how awesome we think trees are. Hopefully you now share this sentiment and want to add more trees to your yard. Going green is addictive and easy.

Admittedly, if you have never purchased or planted a tree before the process can be a bit overwhelming. What tree species do you pick, where do you plant it, how much do you water it, what to ask at the nursery, etc. are all legitimate questions. No need to feel bad about not knowing the answers. This entire week is dedicated to taking the mystery out of tree planting.

While we encourage you to attend one of our many year round
classes, workshops or volunteer opportunities for hands on experience, you can always turn to our website where we have a ridiculous amount of helpful information. So put on your pajamas, bring out the ice cream and log on from the comfort of your home.

Here are a few online resources for you:

  • How to Plant a Tree - Nothing confusing about what this is about. Whether you want to plant on a tree on flat ground or on a slope we will tell you how to properly do it.
  • Tree Care - You've planted the tree, now how do you make it survive? Simple tree care goes a long way. In addition to the basics there is a "How to Install an Ooze Tube" video in the right hand column.
  • Arbor Issues - One pagers on tree concerns in DC - sidewalks, power lines, snowstorms and even the ginkgo.
  • Urban Forest Preservation Act - Legislation can be hard to understand. We break down the Tree Act so you know what it means to you and how to handle issues such as tree removal properly and legally. No one likes a fine.
  • Tree Space Design - An award winning report with design recommendations for street trees. Did I tell you that it won an award? It did.
  • Green Issue Briefs - How do you convince others to add trees? A series of nine issue briefs on how and why to incorporate green as DC redevelops will help you win the doubters over.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Explore our entire website including the Resources page where you can find previous presentations, links to great sites and publications and much more.

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