Monday, December 7, 2009


The holiday season is upon us. I attempted to doing my shopping yesterday and was less than successful. Lines were long, shelves were a mess, I was overheated in my jacket, scarf, gloves and hat and nothing appealed to me. No one in my life needed a talking mounted bass fish or a snuggie.

Don't be like me. Save yourself the grief. As you begin to make your holiday shopping list, consider sponsoring a Commemorative Tree in recognition of someone as a gift instead of buying that reindeer sweater you are sure to buy in pure desperation.

By purchasing a Commemorative Tree you are not only buying a cool and interesting gift for someone you are also making the District a cleaner, healthier and more beautiful city and advancing our Urban Tree Canopy Goal of 40 percent by 2035.
There are two Commemorative Tree options - a public or a private dedication.

At a public dedication, the tree is planted during a spring (March - May) or fall (Oct - Dec) Community Tree Planting. Volunteers can plant the tree for you or you can choose to plant the tree with the help of your friends, family, etc. and Casey Trees staff.

At a private dedication, you decide when, where and the species of tree to be planted (from a pre-approved list). All you need to do is ensure you have the permission of the property owner of where you want to plant the tree. As with the public dedication, you can choose to help plant the tree or have our crew do it for you.
In addition to the tree planting, the recipient receives photos of the event and other commemorative items and the tree dedication is acknowledged online on the heavily trafficked Casey Trees Map.

So if you have been trying to come up with the perfect gift why not try giving that friend, loved one, boss, post man, your favorite barista, etc. something different and plant a tree in their honor.

Learn more about Commemorative Trees.

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